Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One more pair of earrings and two limited edition necklaces

The two necklaces I'm posting are from my own stash (ones that I'm unwilling to part with!), mainly to use as a base for other, similar designs with different stones. The top necklace is Botswana Agate, the second necklace is Banded Agate with one pearl, and the earrings are Aqua Chalcedony with pearls. Those I can make plenty of before running out (also in red)!


  1. I love that second necklace down! Very lovely and striking.

  2. Thanks, Sally! While I haven't been able to find another stone similar to the one in the picture, I've found that I can get equally striking results with other large stones. Unfortunately, they were all purchased before I had a chance to photograph them!
    I checked out your blog, and it sounds like we have some similar food issues...sounds like you're making the best of it, though!